Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Looking for companies who are thinking about buying a new server. Know any?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Back in the saddle in Cincy. I love traveling! Looking for business owners with guts to make changes, tough changes.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Enjoyed the day in Manhattan NY yesterday. On our way to Philly & DC today!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Are you.....

ready for the TBN Speed Networking at Night? You should be…We are going to put on an awesome event that will keep your heart pumping and put you involved in ”extreme networking” at its finest. This event promises to be well-managed and allow you the opportunity to network with at least 20 other “networkers/businesses” you may have never seen before.

Do you know what TBN Speed Networking even is? Maybe, maybe not….Basically, it is speed dating without any broken hearts..You will get to be infront of each individual person for 3 minutes at a time. You will get an opportunity to also tell people who you (the start of a promising business relationship) are instead of always networking “what you do”. Members of TBN Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky will not have to network with others who they may know. This event is designed to allow you to meet other people in business that you haven’t met at other events.

At this point we have 40 people who have said they are coming or have pre-paid. We can only allow up to 60 people to attend the “TBN Speed Networking at Night” event. This month both “Night” and “Breakfast” will be in Blue Ash, next month both events will be held in West Chester. We will be having events in Northern Kentucky in the coming months and we are always looking for sponsors for the events. You can sponsor these events for less than $100 and get posted on the email blast and put up a table at the event. Please contact Danielle Mason (513-703-8083)for sponsor pricing.

Go to http://www.tristatebusinessnetwork.com/Events.html to pre-pay for Wednesday night, September 16’s event.

Thanks and see you there,
Clayton R. Hicks

Monday, August 31, 2009

Have many of you have ever....

tried to put together an event and not “fill up” the room…or had your expectations of your experience with an event shattered because you didn’t sell as much of a product you wished you would have….or had an opportunity when you are in transition to network for FREE with others that may be able to help you find a “job”(see meeting schedule)….or not sold your product at all at any networking venue or meeting you have ever been to..Well, let me ask you this question, have you taken advantage of every opportunity that a group has offered you?

Maybe, maybe not. There is a small percentage of networkers that will continue to struggle to sell their product or create an successful event due to the type of product he/she might sell, so continue to perservere on that note. Here at TBN Cincinnati/NKY we will help wherever and whenever we can. Here…we focus on what we give, not on what we get…..OPPORTUNITY. Have you ever heard the saying “teach them to fish and they will be able to eat for a while” (that is probably not exact, but you get the point). Have you tried to utilitze all that TBN has to offer?

Maybe, not. We have so much to give to you as a whole. Our events are well planned and operated. Our groups online will offer you opportunity to market your product or service for FREE to members and non-members. Make sure that you take full advantage of all of the meetings we have to get some face time at http://tristatebusinessnetwork.com/Weekly_Schedule.html. TBN Cincinnati schedule is on the left and TBN Northern Kentucky is on the right.

Our newest venture to help the community is called ServiceKonnections.com (not Live yet). This site will be a business-to-consumer e-commerce site. If you become a member you will get another opportunity to sell your product not only to those you are networking with, but also give you an edge to sell your product to the public. You must become a member to take advantage of the 6 months FREE on the site. This site will be Zip Code and Recommendation driven.

Here is a list of the groups we have available: LinkedIn….http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=156370, Meetup..http://www.meetup.com/TBN-Cincinnati/, FaceBook..http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=106491324334&ref=ts&__a=1

TBN Speed Networking at Night….http://events.linkedin.com/TriState-Business-Network-Speed/pub/114721, September 16, 2009. TBN Speed Networking for Breakfast coming in September also.

Clayton R. Hicks

Disclaimer: Of course not everyone will be able to fill up an event or sell as much of their product due to their issues they may be having, so TBN can not be held responsible if YOU aren’t doing things right, but I think you get the point.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

TBN Speed Networking at Night

Please visit http://events.linkedin.com/TriState-Business-Network-Speed/pub/114721

We can only accomodate up 60 attendees. Please begin to pre-pay so you are not left out of this one.

Price: $ 15 in advance $ 20 at the door Limited Seating advance registration is recommended http://tristatebusinessnetwork.com/Events.html

Please visit http://tristatebusinessnetwork.com/membertestimonials.php to see what others had to say about the last event.

This event will be extreme networking at its finest. Your heart will be pumping and your blood pressure will rise....We have planned a very well organized event which should flow smoothly and allow everyone maximum networking time. We hope you can join us. If you wish to attend please click on the button for "attending" Please watch for the "morning" speed networking event coming in September.....

Thanks and see you there, Clayton

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tell me something...

Do you ever wonder why some are better networked? Do you ever wonder why some have more contacts than others? And most of all….Do you ever wonder how some do better in business than others? Read http://www.tbneducation.com to see the secret difference in why some networkers do better than others…..

Givers……..They are just givers. my father came over last night and told me that he had learned something from me…I became a little confused but listened anyway. He told me that he learned that his auto parts company needed to become givers. He has learned that in order for business to continue with or without him, he needed to “give” to his customers, first.

That really touched me because, maybe, just maybe….I am really starting to get under people’s skin about this whole “giving” thing. Here at TBN Cincinnati, a business to business networking group here in Cincinnati, our motto is this, “Focus on what you give and not on what you get”. It seems that it may be working. I have noticed that some of the members of our group are getting a lot of referrals (business) and some are not. Now there is a fine line between what you can offer your future clients and what they can offer you. Make sure you are the one that is offering and you will always be busy even in times such as this.

The next time you come to one of our meetings remember to go up and introduce yourself…..go up and shake someones’ hand…ask someone how they are doing…..and above all maybe ask “How can you help them?”. This way of thinking is the way that some stay busy..some get busy…and some never get slow.

If you wish to receive these posts directly to your email subscribe at the right of page so you can get this type of info first.

We offer multiple online social networking groups for members and non-members to interact…..http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=156370, http://www.meetup.com/TBN-Cincinnati/, http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=106491324334&ref=ts&__a=1

If you wish to see a schedule of our meetings please visit ……..http://tristatebusinessnetwork.com/Weekly_Schedule.html

Clayton R. Hicks

Monday, August 17, 2009

What TBN Cincinnati can offer.....

Good morning…..Folks tend to think about the worst in every business and everyone……Am I right? This past week, I was approached again about what TBN can offer them that they can’t get with other groups…..Now I can’t speak on behalf of other groups, but I do know what we can offer.

It is my belief that there really isn’t any competition to any of us, just belief that we all offer a little something different. TBN Cincinnati is not for everyone, but it can be for anyone…I receive emails and phone calls weekly about our group and what we offer so I wanted to put it out there. TBN Cincinnati is a business to business networking group here in Cincinnati and coming soon to other cities…

We offer multiple online social networking groups for members and non-members to interact…..http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=156370, http://www.meetup.com/TBN-Cincinnati/, http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=106491324334&ref=ts&__a=1

multiple meetings weekly so that you have plenty of opportunity……..http://tristatebusinessnetwork.com/Weekly_Schedule.html

a directory and profiles for visitors to our site…….http://tristatebusinessnetwork.com/Member_Directory.html

Most of all though, we can’t be everything to everybody….networking can very intangible at timesyou may be networking with others, but unless you are trying to help others first, you may never see a referral. TBN Cincinnati does not believe in forced referrals or having to work with certain people in the groups or only having one person from an industry in the group. Our reasoning is this: you may not like or want to work with someone you don’t have a connection with. For example, you may specialize in something someone else doesn’t though you both are loan officers.

We like being diversified, we like the way we do things, we like our members, and our members like being around us. I think that is all that matters. So the next time you need to know a little more info about TBN Cincinnati, you can ask a member or a board member or just drop me a line somehow….one or all of us can explain.

Clayto R. Hicks
O - 866.945.4238
D - 937.671.6238

Monday, August 10, 2009

Did you go up to them first?

Good morning Cincinnati! Here at TBN we have been experiencing some issues with our networkers. They have been calling and emailing wondering what they could do first at these events….how could they maximize their networking…..how they could build more contacts…..how they could start to do more business….

Well, I have been answering by asking them this……did you go up to them and introduce yourself or did you hide in the corner behind someone you already knew? This question always gets ‘em. Here at TBN Cincinnati…we try and help all of our networkers. But isn’t that what we are supposed to do? Business to business networking in Cincinnati isn’t the easiest accomplishment……right? Networking in Cincinnati has its trials and tribulations……right? I don’t know, maybe…maybe not. This first step is valid in any city….any state….any event….

What is the first thing you do? Do you go and talk to someone you already know or go introduce yourself to someone NEW? The next time you wish to network with more people….the next time you want to increase your opportunity with your business…..the next time you want to build some partnerships here in Cincinnati….the next time you attend an event, it all starts with introducing yourself to as many people/networkers as possible.

If you wish to network with us online we have different groups on different sites for your ease. Go to our LinkedIn group at….. http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=156370. Go to our Meetup group at….http://www.meetup.com/TBN-Cincinnati/. Go to our Facebook group at…..http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=106491324334&ref=ts&__a=1. You can join any of these groups for FREE! You can visit our website and see the directory at http://www.tristatebusinessnetwork.com and hope to see you at the Speed Networking event tomorrow evening. The link to extreme Networking…..http://events.linkedin.com/TBN-Speed-Networking/pub/90059

Clayton R. Hicks
O - 866.945.4238
D - 937-671-6238

Monday, August 3, 2009

TBN Speed Networking

Here is the link: http://events.linkedin.com/TBN-Speed-Networking/pub/90059

Have you been to this event yet? If you haven’t, you are missing something great that has been created right here in Cincinnati. We don’t have someone put it on for us, we put it on ourselves. At the last event we had 52 people in attendance and we are expecting a bigger crowd this time, due to how well the first one went.

Everyone who participated, got in front of 23 other, new, people. That’s an incredible stat for a new meeting. Now, we had people leaving and coming late, but the group continued on without fail.

You could feel the humidity in the air from the excitement, people were not ready to take a break when we did, and you could see the smiles from all the opportunity in the air! If you haven’t heard of this event, you will! If you haven’t been to the event you need to try! If you haven’t made very many connections this summer, you will if you join us on August 11, 2009! Go to the link above for the event information and see you next Tuesday!

Clayton R. Hicks
O – 866.945.4238
D – 937.671.6238
LinkedIn - http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=156370
Meetup – http://www.meetup.com/TBN-Cincinnati/
Facebook – Just type in Tri State Business Network

Monday, July 27, 2009

Cincinnati Networking

How do you network Cincinnati? Do you attend one meeting per week or do you attend as many as you can? I do realize that you must work at your office or home to actually make money, but who said you have to only work 4o hours per week? I can’t remember the last time I only worked 40 hours. In this type of economy you must always push forward no matter what business you are in.

I do realize that how much you work does not always turn into dollars earned…today! Sometimes when you get out to a networking meeting, you may not do business with anyone for a while…….don’t be worried….you may do business with them later.

I have seen plenty of people come to a networking group once, twice, even three times to see what they can get out of the group……I have also heard people say they can’t join until they get some business from it……That mentality can potentially hold you back! TBN Cincinnati will always be for people that understand what is needed to succeed in networking. You must focus on what you give, not on what you get. With that focus TBN will always be around. We suggest you attend as many meetings as you can, if that means joining other groups beside TBN . We now have events monthly, so your Cincinnati Networking has changed from a weekly meeting with most other groups to daily so that you may enjoy the fruits of your networking labor. So again I ask, How do you network Cincinnati?

TBN has grown exponentially in the last 13 months – we have our website http://www.tristatebusinessnetwork.com/ that has our directory of members, updates, and events. We have our social networking site http://www.tristatebusinessnetwork.ning.com/ for our members only to communicate with other members they don’t get to always see at the meetings. We have our FREE LinkedIn group http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=156370 that now has over 1500 local Cincinnatians networking. We have our Meetup group http://www.meetup.com/TBN-Cincinnati/ that is the place for events only. We have our blog http://www.tbneducation.com/ so that networkers can subscribe to so that may get a little education on how to network. We also have the new jobs site http://www.tbnconnections.net/ up and running with a few jobs posted now.

Next time you wish to visit a networking group come visit with us at Tri State Business Network. Our site has a list of meetings so that you never miss an opportunity.

Clayton R. Hicks
O – 866.945.4238
D – 937.671.6238
http://www.tbnconnections.net/ for job seekers

Monday, July 20, 2009

Business to Business Networking in Cincinnati

Business to business networking has changed here in Cincinnati. Take a look at our site http://www.tristatebusinessnetwork.com we have just eclipsed 18,000 page views per day. Along with our Happy Hour event we have our Speed Networking events now. The growth of TBN Cincinnati has been enormous and we all have worked very hard.

None of this would have been possible if it weren't for the work from Barbie Doran, Larry Shideler, Ginger Lehman, Lynda B., and our newest addition to the board....Chris Hammond. I personally do work hard to help the community, but again nothing without all the support from my friends and board members. Our newest event TBN Speed Networking, Cincinnati will now witness the newest generation of networking.

TBN Cincinnati has changed the way that business to business networking is being done here in Cincinnati. You should come to one of our meetings and see why so many people are visiting the site and becoming members.


Clayton R. Hicks
O- 866.945.4238
D- 937.671.6238

Monday, July 13, 2009

All about TBN

I wanted to take this time to discuss what TBN is all about. We are a business to business networking group started here in Cincinnati, OH. Some of you may not have heard about us yet and may need some more info before attending a meeting. In short, our LinkedIn group has almost 1500 members, our own social networking right now is for members only, and our Tuesday email blast goes out to over 5700 people. Our membership is up to 180, which we just had our 1 year anniversary.

We are looking this year to educate more, grow twice as much, and have monthly events. Our TBN Speed Networking event went fantastic in June so we are going to do it monthly starting August 11. We are having our quarterly TBN Happy Hour event tomorrow at O’Charley’s in Mason of which we are expecting over 80 people.

I realize that I listed info about TBN above, but that gets you up to speed on where we have been. Now, we are going to continue to grow and change for the better. Our membership is only $100 per year and pay out referral fees for future members. The money is a committment fee to the progress of the community. Our members focus on what they give not on what they get. So this committment fee tells all the other members your foundation of doing business. We continue to allow more opportunities to our members with over 35 potential meeetings you can attend monthly for the same membership fee. We have many groups online including: Meetup, LinkedIn, and Ning. We have our website http://www.tristatebusinessnetwork.com which is the directory along with how we spotlight members when they are spotted doing great work to help others and help our new members get noticed. Our Meetup group: http://www.meetup.com/TBN-Cincinnati/ Our LinkedIn group: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=156370 Our Ning group for Members only: http://www.tristatebusinessnetwork.ning.com

If you wish to join TBN or just come check us out at a meeting, you don’t have to RSVP just come on out. If you are in transition, you receive all benefits at no cost to you, so join us. If you just wish to join us at our events you can find them on our website or groups online. We are having our TBN Happy Hour July 14, 2009, at O’Charley’s in Mason. If you wish to get educated on Networking please feel free to subscribe to this feed.

Clayton R. Hicks
O – 866-945-4238
D – 937.671.6238

Monday, July 6, 2009

Hunter or Farmer?

How are you business to business networking here in Cincinnati? Are you a hunter or a farmer? Do you even know the difference when networking? I will tell you the difference and you decide which you are.

Hunter……….Do you run into a meeting trying to take home dinner? Do you walk the room passing out cards looking to jump on the first prospect you can? You might this type, I don’t know…….But, sometimes just hunting one night will not help your cause. Do you hand out a bunch of cards in hopes that everyone will refer your business? That could be dangerous for your business.

Farmer………Do you know what a farmer does? A farmer plows the fields first…..then he plants a seed………then he waters the seeds………then he sees the fruits of his labor. So introduce ourself……….tell them who you are and what you are looking for………take your new business contact to coffee or lunch and find out what they do……..make some business happen.

Now, not everyone can be a farmer in the begininning but you can work your way up to farming. I see it all the time at our meetings when members give out their testimonials. Once the members have sat down and got to know each other, it becomes easier to refer business to each other, which then turns into ROI! The next time you visit one of our meetings come up and tap me on the shoulder, you never know how your business could change overnight or over a year. Take a look at our directory http://tristatebusinessnetwork.com/Member_Directory.html to see who is farming.

Clayton R. Hicks
D – 937-671-6238

To subscribe to more of this information go to http://tbneducation.com

If you would like to join us at a meeting send us an email at clayton@tristatebusinessnetwork.com to get a copy of the schedule.

If you would like to join our FREE group on LinkedIN visit http://www.linkedin.com/groups?home=&gid=156370&trk=anet_ug_hm

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Networking is.......Work?

Networking is………..work?

Do you think networking in Cincinnati is work? Business to business networking in Cincinnati can be, but networking anywhere can be work. Let’s define work……(per Wikipedia) “Work”, one’s place of, or the act of performing… OR “to do something”. So is Networking “work”? YES, a big fat YES.

So you may think working is just “going to work”, but you have to work at Networking too. I believe that is why the word “work” is in the word “net-WORK-ing”. So while you are “networking” in Cincinnati, you are working. How hard are you networking to build relationships???????
If you don’t build relationships how will your business make it? Relationships will be defined soon in this blog so that you understand what you have when you have it. If you “work” at building relationships by giving first, you will reap what you have sown…….
Work towards giving a free coffee to someone by asking them “who they are” and “what they do”. Go to lunch with them and you “buy”. You will see a transformation of productivity in your business and personal life. You must Focus on what you give, not on what you get…..

Your mindset is the “key” to your success. So the next time you think networking is just going to a meeting and selling your business products, think again! You must work at “building” those relationships for the future of your business. So the answer to the question at the beginning is Networking is…….YES, “ WORK”.

Clayton R. Hicks
O – 866.945.4238
D – 937.671.6238
To subscribe to more of this information go to http://tristatebusiness.wordpress.com
If you would like to join us at a meeting send us an email at crhfinancial@gmail.com to get a copy of the schedule.
If you would like to join our FREE group on LinkedIN visit http://www.linkedin.com/groups?home=&gid=156370&trk=anet_ug_hm

Monday, June 15, 2009

Are you giving FIRST?

When you network, do you give first?

Or are you looking for what you can get? Here at TBN our mission is to focus on what we give, not on what we get. Do you realize how difficult it is to change your focus??????????I don’t know if you do, but I used to not have that mindset. I did used to think that if I can take care of me me me me, everything would be alright. Of course that PERSON hasn’t existed for a long time, but it was not an easy conversion.

Changing your focus is a life changing feeling. Your attitude will change………………….your feelings towards helping will change…………………your friends will be different…………………..your business will turn around……………………..your business will grow by leaps and bounds…………………………….your clients will refer business for you………………………………….All of these changes have to do with your focus. When you focus on what you give to your clients, they will be your best salesman. When you focus on what you give your friends, you will have someone at your funeral, lol!

If you would like more information on our schedules or just want more information on the group, give us a call or just show up to a meeting.

Clayton R. Hicks
O – 866.945.4238
D – 937.671.6238

Monday, June 8, 2009

How can 1 contact increase your business?

Can you expect to sign a deal that pays you $100,000.00? Can you expect to land your first big client? Expecting these types of results could potentially keep you from ever networking again. You should be optimistic though that your new contact can lead to something better.

Meeting new people can change your life forever. Whether your new friend buys something doesn’t matter, what matters is you now have a new contact for your business. How can 1 new contact change your business? That question is only answered by you and what you do with that contact.

Maybe you should invite them to coffee……..Maybe you should invite them to next week’s meeting, but show up early………….Maybe, just maybe you should ask them how you can help them…………..

Focus on what you give and on what you get and your whole world will open up before your eyes……

Maybe you can help them find a job………….Maybe you can help them just find what they are looking for, with no worry about what you will get out of it and your business will change for the better no matter what..Referrals don’t always show up on a piece of paper in a meeting or through being made to use someone in your group that you don’t even know. Referrals always come through relationships though….always!

Your relationship can be built on helping one another reach their goals, though it doesn’t have to be built on being in the same room together. Your ethics will always show it’s face when you are faced with some type of adversity, whether your new contact needs a contact or really needs help with a new marketing tool.

What does a new contact mean to your business?

Clayton R. Hicks
O – 866.945.4238
D – 937.671.6238


Thursday, June 4, 2009

How do you Network Cincinnati?

Do you show up 15 minutes early to the meetings? Do you go up to people you don’t know and introduce yourself? Do you pass out your cards at every meeting? Do you accept cards from everyone at every meeting?

If you are not doing any of these things you may be missing the boat on building relationships. TBN does not promote passing out referrrals at each meeting, we promote building relationships so that your referrals are warm and ready!

Showing up 15 minutes early to meetings gives you a “golden” opportunity to meet the new people or to meet with someone in order to find out more about them.

Introducing yourself to someone new will make the new people more comfortable about being in a new place and allow them to be able to relax while networking so they can be themselves.

Passing out your cards at every meeting allows you the first step to networking, but not the only thing you should do to get a referral.

Taking each and every card that comes your way allows the ability to pass out that persons card to a possible referral.

TBN is all about opportunity that should be taken advantage of. Too many times structure limits your ability to truly network as much as possible. If you wish to have a schedule to our meetings, please send me an email at crhfinancial@gmail.com

Clayton R. Hicks
O – 866.945.4238
D – 937.671.6238

Monday, June 1, 2009

Benefits of Membership

First of all, thanks to all the members that have joined over the last 11 months. We are coming up on our first anniversary and we should reach 180 members by then. Because we have grown this quick in the past 11 months we are going to turn this networking HEAT up!

1. Ability to attend any/all 8 meetings per week

2. Send/Receive Email Blast to/from members on our LinkedIn group

3. Blogging

4. Start your own group

5. Your own webpage on the web site (can link to your business website)

6. 5 minute commercial to any/or all meetings about your business

7. Featured member on website (regarding your 5 min commercial)

8. Referral fee $25 for each person you refer and becomes a member

9. Membership fee $100 (affordable) per yearWhen you receive referral fees, your net cost for membership could be –0-

10. TBN is your source of Allies/Contacts for multiple businesses for youto use and refer to your business and family and friends contacts.

11. Start your own face-to-face TBN networking group, but you must be a member!

Please join us as we move into the future with more to offer our members in the coming months. If you have any questions or want to join see one of our board members or myself. Please visit http://thetbn.com.

Clayton R. Hicks
O - 866.945.4238
D - 937.671.6238

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

20 Tips for Home Safety -- Is Your Home A Safe Haven?

An Article of Interest

From:Inspection Plus, LTD. Residential Home and Commercial Building Inspections

20 Tips for Home Safety -- Is Your Home A Safe Haven?

How safe is your home from common hazards such as falls, fires and poisonings? You may be surprised to find that hazards exist inside nearly every American home. According to the National Safety Council, more than 33,000 deaths and 8 million injuries happened in the home last year. In fact, more injuries occur in the home than in the workplace and from motor vehicle crashes combined.

Tips for a Safe Kitchen:
The kitchen is one of the most commonly used rooms in the home, and it is also among the most dangerous. Each year more than 18,000 injuries are related to the kitchen range alone. Here are three tips to help you eliminate hazards in the kitchen.

Tip #1 - Turn pot handles away from the stove front.
Turning handles in so they don't hang over the front edge of the stove minimizes the risk of tipping pots over or having curious children pull them off the stove. Don't position handles over another burner either, as hot handles may catch fire or burn someone who touches the handle.

Tip #2 - Avoid throwing water onto or using a fire extinguisher on a grease fire.
Water or fire extinguisher chemicals can actually spread a grease fire. Keep a pot lid near the stove to smother flames in a pan quickly. Then turn off the burner and leave the pan on the stove. If a fire occurs in the oven or broiler, close the oven or broiler door. Then turn off the oven.

Tip #3 - Store knives in a special rack or compartment.
Knives should be stored out of reach of children and separately from other utensils to avoid cutting yourself when reaching into the drawer.

Tips for a Safe Stairway or Hallway:
Not every home has a stairway, but both stairs and hallways are prime locations for tripping. Falls are the most common accident in the home, but luckily almost all of them are preventable. These two tips will help you put an end to trips and falls.

Tip #4 - Fit all area rugs with a slip-resistant backing.
Put cut-to-fit rubber matting or two-sided tape on rugs without backing to stop slips or trips.

Tip #5 - Install a sturdy handrail on the sides of all steps and stairways.
Many falls happen on stairways. Make sure every set of steps and stairways have all handrails securely mounted to at least one side of the stairs.

Tips for a Safe Living Room:
The living room or family room should be a comfortable place for your family to relax. Eliminate needless worries with the following two tips.

Tip # 6 - Never run electrical cords under rugs or across doorways, and don't hang them from nails.
This is tempting to do, especially at holiday time. But friction from carpeting can damage or overheat cords, which can cause a fire. Check power cords on a regular basis and have them replaced if they are frayed. Also, cords should not be placed in traffic areas where someone might trip and fall. In addition, avoid overloading electrical outlets with too many plugs.
Hint: One way to avoid overloaded electrical outlets is to buy a power strip with a surge protector to safely gain additional outlets.

Tip #7 - Have your wood stove, fireplace, chimney and chimney connectors inspected and cleaned annually by a professional.
According to a recent survey, fewer than 50 percent of homeowners do this important safety check. Keeping your heating equipment clean prevents creosote buildup which could cause a chimney fire in the flue.

Tips for a Safe Bathroom:
The bathroom contains a dangerous combination of water and electricity, with the potential hazards of electrocution, slipping and drowning. Follow these three tips to help pull the plug on all these risks.

Tip #8 - Put slip-resistant surfaces in and around the bathtub or shower.
To help curb dangerous falls, use a nonslip mat, or install strips or decals in the tub or shower. Don't forget to protect the outside of these areas as well with a nonslip surface. Your tub should also have securely fastened grab bars installed for added protection. Hint: To ensure grab bars are securely fastened, use long screws anchored directly into wall studs, not into plaster, tile or wallboard.

Tip #9 - Always supervise young children while they are bathing.
Drowning is one of the leading causes of accidental death among children ages one through nine. Never leave a young child alone in the bathtub, even for a few seconds. If you must leave the room, take the child with you. You should supervise children whenever they are in or around the water, whether in the tub, a swimming pool or any other body of water.

Tip #10 - Unplug all electrical appliances such as hair dryers, electric razors and curling irons when not in use.
Make certain to avoid shocks and burns by cutting off the supply of electricity. Never use electrical appliances near water (tub, sink or toilet). When you're finished using them, store appliances away from these areas, too.

Tips for a Safe Adult's Bedroom:
Surprisingly, bedrooms are the number one place in the home for falls. Consider these two tips to help you rest easier.

Tip #11 - Install lighting that will help you see your way after dark.
Nightlights are especially helpful for homes with elderly people and children. A sleepy person is more likely to stumble and trip over objects. Nightlights are inexpensive and easy to use. Put nightlights in bathrooms and hallways, too. Hint: Be sure to locate nightlights a safe distance from materials such as bedding or curtains that could easily catch fire.

Tip #12 - Keep a phone and flashlight near your bed.
Be prepared for an emergency. Make sure flashlight batteries are working, or use flashlights with rechargeable batteries. Keep a phone within easy reach so you don't have to scramble out of bed to get to it. If possible, you should also position your bed near a lamp or light switch so you don't have to get out of bed to turn the lights on or off.

Tips for a Safe Child's Bedroom:
Your children spend more time alone in their bedrooms than anywhere else in the house, so a child's bedroom should be as safe as possible. Here are two tips to help keep your children safe even when you're not in the room with them.

Tip #13 - Position all window coverings and cords out of reach.
Window coverings have caused more than 100 strangulation deaths in the past decade. Don't allow children access to window covering cords that could strangle them. Place cribs, playpens, beds and other furniture well away from windows so children can't climb to reach cords. This will also stop children from climbing up and falling out of windows. To further prevent falls, you should only open the upper portion of windows and install window guards on upper floors of multistory homes. Never let children sit or stand on windowsills.

Tip #14 - Make sure toy storage containers and chests have safe lids.
A lid without supports can drop on a child's head or neck, causing serious injury or death. Look for a lid with supports that hold it open in all positions, or remove the lid.
Tips for a Safe Basement or Utility Room
Basements and utility rooms are often overlooked in the search for ways to make your entire home safer. Follow these two tips to make sure your home is completely safe from top to bottom.

Tip #15 - Ensure you have a working smoke detector in this area.
This area needs to be protected just like the rest of the house. All areas of your home should have smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Keep them free of dust and debris by vacuuming over and around them regularly. Test the batteries once a month and replace them twice a year. Only remove the batteries to replace them. Be sure to replace smoke detectors every ten years. Carbon monoxide detectors should be replaced every five to ten years, depending on the model.

Tip #16 - Make certain your washer and dryer are electrically grounded.
They should be plugged into Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets. Improperly grounded laundry appliances can cause electric shock, especially if the area near them is damp. Check with a service person or electrician if you're not sure whether your washer and dryer are properly grounded. The washer and dryer also should be elevated if there is any danger of flooding.

Tips for a Safe Home Exterior or Garage:
Your garage and other outside areas of your home can be locations for many lurking dangers. These four tips can help keep your family as safe when they walk out the door as they are inside your home.

Tip #17 - Store flammable materials (such as gasoline or oil-soaked rags) in appropriate safety containers.
Flammable liquids are extremely hazardous. Be sure to properly dispose of all oil- or paint-stained rags after each use, since they could be toxic or ignite. Don't store any other flammable liquid in a gasoline safety container. Store all flammable liquids in a shed or garage, outside your home.

Tip #18 - Check the condition of ladders regularly and before each use.
Never use a defective ladder. More than 160,000 injuries associated with ladders occur each year. Inspect ladders regularly for loose or damaged rungs, steps, rails or braces. Also check for worn ladder shoes or frayed ropes (on extension ladders). Look for loose screws, bolts, hinges and other hardware. Watch overhead when using ladders near power lines to guard against lethal shocks.

Tip #19 - Follow the manufacturer's directions for safely operating outdoor grills.
Grills cause more than 6,000 fires and $35 million in property loss each year. Be sure to read warning labels and manuals before operating grills. Here are a few important reminders:
Always start charcoal grills with lighter fluid, never gasoline.
To avoid creating flames that could explode or ignite clothing, never add more lighter fluid once the charcoal is lit.
When using a propane gas grill, shut off the propane gas completely when finished grilling.

Tip #20 - Maintain all steps, sidewalks and driveway areas.
Inspect all areas on a regular basis. Repair cracks, holes and uneven surfaces before someone trips or falls. When necessary, be sure to keep them clear of ice, snow and leaves.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Some examples of Transactional Funding!

We wanted to bring some great information to those whose interest have peaked. Sometimes you must call to see if the deal you have, is something we can help you with. Transactional Funding has a few products that have been carved out for the most intriguing ways of getting deals closed. If you see one of the products that match your "for instance" let us know.

1. Do you pay for MT 760's or provide funding for transfer fees? Yes, our Escrow services can provide the difficult deals to ensure accuracy for your investments.

2. Does your Escrow services allow me leveraging ability? Absolutely, that is how it was designed.

3. Can we close on the first side of the double close even with seasoning issues? Yes, we can do this as long as the deal is in control for the second buyer and it can be closed in 3 days or less.

4. How large can you provide a soft POF? We can provide up to 1B in soft and in a hard Verification of Deposit. Now in order to supply such a POF or Verification of Deposit, you must be prepared to provide our 2-5 points at verification of our services. You must proof you have the funds for the fee before we provide such services.

5. How can I utilize your Down Payment Assistance for bank owned? That service is a little more creative, but you must be willing to listen and work through the paperwork. We can get it done but it must be an investment. Other than stated above, the seller must be willing to work with you.

We love and promote creativity to get deals done. Just remember everything we do is transparent.

"You bring the Imagination, we'll bring the Solution"
Clayton R. Hicks
Desoco Financial Group

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Greater Cincinnati Remodeling Expo January 16-18, 2009

Greater Cincinnati Remodeling Expo
January 16-18, 2009

@Sharonville Convention Center
11355 Chester Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246

Fri. 12:00 PM-9:00 PM
Sat. 10:00 AM-9:00 PM
Sun.10:00 AM-6:00 PM
Admission: $5.00

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Tri-State Business Network Group Tuesday's

Networking - Networking - Networking!

Hope to See You There
Tap me on the Shoulder to say HELLO

Tri-State Business Network Group

8:30 - 10:00 am
Panera Bread
3806 Paxton Road
Cincinnati, OH 45209

12:00 - 1:30 pm
O'Charley's (Mason)
5262 Fields Ertel Road
Cincinnati, OH 45249

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Monday, January 5, 2009

SBOA Meeting Reminder Thursday, January 8, 2009 at 8:30 A.M.

SBOA Meeting Reminder Thursday, January 8, 2009 at 8:30 A.M.

The Small Business Owners Association of Northern Kentucky


We are a group of home-based, micro- and small business owners dedicated to helping one another improve our business operations and practices. We do not limit our membership to one from any profession as we believe we can learn from others, including our competitors.
Individual business operators have improved their business accounting practices, legal liability, marketing and networking skills through programs, activities and events we have had.

To provide a comfortable environment for the advancement of small, micro, and home-based businesses by offering educational opportunities in sound business principles and ethical practices, and by building trusting relationships among its diverse members, their supporters, and the Northern Kentucky community.

We provide and promote opportunities for marketing, networking and education for home-based, micro- and small business owners.
If you own or operate a home-based or small (less than 50 FTE's) business in Northern Kentucky or desire to do business in the region, please read on, and consider joining us!

Don’t forget the first meeting of the year for SBOA will be held this Thursday, January 8, 2009 at 8:30 a.m. The educational program will focus on goal setting for the coming year. The speaker will be Mackey McNeill. It’s a meeting you won’t want to miss! We’ll gather at the Boone County Cooperative Extension Service office, 6028 Camp Ernst Road, Burlington, KY 41005.

Bring your business cards and plan to meet other small business folks!!

If you want to join (or re-join) the Small Business Owners Association of Northern Kentucky, Inc. you can do it on Thursday at the meeting (or fill out the form and mail your check (payable to SBOA)). A form is attached for you to use. Even if you have been a member in the past, it is important to fill out a new form so we can be sure all of your information is up-to-date.

Don’t forget, meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at 8:30 a.m. Speakers for the coming year will be sharing information on marketing, media and small business, communications and conflict, and working smarter and not harder. The leadership group also has some fun stuff planned for SBOA members.

Again, if you are interested in serving as a committee chair for this year (come on – it‘s not that hard) – please contact Justin Rains (SBOA president). The group still could benefit from someone as a membership chair and someone as an events chair.

Hope to see you on Thursday at the meeting!

You get you a nametag, a web site listing, and discounts to SBOA events.

Larry Shideler
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Transactional Funding! How can it help ME?

Transactional Funding and the products it represents are very powerful in this present day market. The uses of Transactional Funding vary depending on the type deals you are trying to close.

1. If you can't flip a wholesale deal without money, then Double Close Funding is your product.

2. If your borrower needs help closing the deal, but it has used up most of its capital paying for appraisals, engineering, etc., then Commercial Down Payment Assistance is you product.

3. If you borrower needs help with closing on their very first house and the seller is willing to aid the close, Residential Down Payment Assistance is the choice.

4. If your bank is asking for you to proof up that you can close, then Proof of Funds are for you.

5. If your bank is requiring that you verify your down funds or that you have funds at all, Verification of Deposit can help you.

6. If the bond you are trying to retrieve or the CMO you are trying to flip requires you lay cash in escrow for a time period, or the end lending needs you to keep a certain dollar amount in escrow in order for them to lend their money, you need Escrow Services.

With all these products available, we must tell you that it can sometimes be confusing on which product you may need. Give us a call to determine which Transactional Funding product you may need, today!

Good luck in the New Year!

Clayton R. Hicks
Desoco Financial Group

Thursday, January 1, 2009

AmCorp Management, Inc is looking for C-level leaders for our recession proof industry.

View Greg Fowler's profile on LinkedIn
AmCorp Management, Inc. is the nation’s leader in tax and expense analysis services. Each year we help our clients locate and recover millions of dollars in taxes, facility, development and operational business expenses that have been overlooked. As North America’s number one choice for corporate tax and expense solutions we provide each client with effective and advanced strategies that dramatically increase their operating capital.
AmCorp makes it possible for small and medium size businesses to take advantage of the same beneficial tax exclusions, credits, benefits and incentives that large corporations employ. Our clients receive the same corporate experience and service that large corporations receive without the large corporate costs.
With over 25 years’ experience in working with companies from the small independent business to Fortune 500 companies, AmCorp has gained an unmatched team of experts and examiners that strive to serve our clients at the highest level. Each has a unique edge in their field since they focus all of their time and attention to a specific area of service. Our services are customized to each client's unique circumstances, and we focus on providing the best solutions while delivering exceptional results that lead to immediate and future financial benefits to our clients.
Over the years, our specialists have procured over $700 million dollars in cash benefits for a variety of U.S. companies in a broad range of industries and have implemented strategies for realizing permanent, on-going tax benefits and operational expense strategies that will save and secure our clients additional money down the road.
For more info: Please Contact Greg Fowler 1-888-702-0994 or 859-653-3638