Monday, June 1, 2009

Benefits of Membership

First of all, thanks to all the members that have joined over the last 11 months. We are coming up on our first anniversary and we should reach 180 members by then. Because we have grown this quick in the past 11 months we are going to turn this networking HEAT up!

1. Ability to attend any/all 8 meetings per week

2. Send/Receive Email Blast to/from members on our LinkedIn group

3. Blogging

4. Start your own group

5. Your own webpage on the web site (can link to your business website)

6. 5 minute commercial to any/or all meetings about your business

7. Featured member on website (regarding your 5 min commercial)

8. Referral fee $25 for each person you refer and becomes a member

9. Membership fee $100 (affordable) per yearWhen you receive referral fees, your net cost for membership could be –0-

10. TBN is your source of Allies/Contacts for multiple businesses for youto use and refer to your business and family and friends contacts.

11. Start your own face-to-face TBN networking group, but you must be a member!

Please join us as we move into the future with more to offer our members in the coming months. If you have any questions or want to join see one of our board members or myself. Please visit

Clayton R. Hicks
O - 866.945.4238
D - 937.671.6238

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