Monday, June 8, 2009

How can 1 contact increase your business?

Can you expect to sign a deal that pays you $100,000.00? Can you expect to land your first big client? Expecting these types of results could potentially keep you from ever networking again. You should be optimistic though that your new contact can lead to something better.

Meeting new people can change your life forever. Whether your new friend buys something doesn’t matter, what matters is you now have a new contact for your business. How can 1 new contact change your business? That question is only answered by you and what you do with that contact.

Maybe you should invite them to coffee……..Maybe you should invite them to next week’s meeting, but show up early………….Maybe, just maybe you should ask them how you can help them…………..

Focus on what you give and on what you get and your whole world will open up before your eyes……

Maybe you can help them find a job………….Maybe you can help them just find what they are looking for, with no worry about what you will get out of it and your business will change for the better no matter what..Referrals don’t always show up on a piece of paper in a meeting or through being made to use someone in your group that you don’t even know. Referrals always come through relationships though….always!

Your relationship can be built on helping one another reach their goals, though it doesn’t have to be built on being in the same room together. Your ethics will always show it’s face when you are faced with some type of adversity, whether your new contact needs a contact or really needs help with a new marketing tool.

What does a new contact mean to your business?

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