Monday, August 31, 2009

Have many of you have ever....

tried to put together an event and not “fill up” the room…or had your expectations of your experience with an event shattered because you didn’t sell as much of a product you wished you would have….or had an opportunity when you are in transition to network for FREE with others that may be able to help you find a “job”(see meeting schedule)….or not sold your product at all at any networking venue or meeting you have ever been to..Well, let me ask you this question, have you taken advantage of every opportunity that a group has offered you?

Maybe, maybe not. There is a small percentage of networkers that will continue to struggle to sell their product or create an successful event due to the type of product he/she might sell, so continue to perservere on that note. Here at TBN Cincinnati/NKY we will help wherever and whenever we can. Here…we focus on what we give, not on what we get…..OPPORTUNITY. Have you ever heard the saying “teach them to fish and they will be able to eat for a while” (that is probably not exact, but you get the point). Have you tried to utilitze all that TBN has to offer?

Maybe, not. We have so much to give to you as a whole. Our events are well planned and operated. Our groups online will offer you opportunity to market your product or service for FREE to members and non-members. Make sure that you take full advantage of all of the meetings we have to get some face time at TBN Cincinnati schedule is on the left and TBN Northern Kentucky is on the right.

Our newest venture to help the community is called (not Live yet). This site will be a business-to-consumer e-commerce site. If you become a member you will get another opportunity to sell your product not only to those you are networking with, but also give you an edge to sell your product to the public. You must become a member to take advantage of the 6 months FREE on the site. This site will be Zip Code and Recommendation driven.

Here is a list of the groups we have available: LinkedIn…., Meetup.., FaceBook..

TBN Speed Networking at Night…., September 16, 2009. TBN Speed Networking for Breakfast coming in September also.

Clayton R. Hicks

Disclaimer: Of course not everyone will be able to fill up an event or sell as much of their product due to their issues they may be having, so TBN can not be held responsible if YOU aren’t doing things right, but I think you get the point.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

TBN Speed Networking at Night

Please visit

We can only accomodate up 60 attendees. Please begin to pre-pay so you are not left out of this one.

Price: $ 15 in advance $ 20 at the door Limited Seating advance registration is recommended

Please visit to see what others had to say about the last event.

This event will be extreme networking at its finest. Your heart will be pumping and your blood pressure will rise....We have planned a very well organized event which should flow smoothly and allow everyone maximum networking time. We hope you can join us. If you wish to attend please click on the button for "attending" Please watch for the "morning" speed networking event coming in September.....

Thanks and see you there, Clayton

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tell me something...

Do you ever wonder why some are better networked? Do you ever wonder why some have more contacts than others? And most of all….Do you ever wonder how some do better in business than others? Read to see the secret difference in why some networkers do better than others…..

Givers……..They are just givers. my father came over last night and told me that he had learned something from me…I became a little confused but listened anyway. He told me that he learned that his auto parts company needed to become givers. He has learned that in order for business to continue with or without him, he needed to “give” to his customers, first.

That really touched me because, maybe, just maybe….I am really starting to get under people’s skin about this whole “giving” thing. Here at TBN Cincinnati, a business to business networking group here in Cincinnati, our motto is this, “Focus on what you give and not on what you get”. It seems that it may be working. I have noticed that some of the members of our group are getting a lot of referrals (business) and some are not. Now there is a fine line between what you can offer your future clients and what they can offer you. Make sure you are the one that is offering and you will always be busy even in times such as this.

The next time you come to one of our meetings remember to go up and introduce yourself…..go up and shake someones’ hand…ask someone how they are doing…..and above all maybe ask “How can you help them?”. This way of thinking is the way that some stay busy..some get busy…and some never get slow.

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We offer multiple online social networking groups for members and non-members to interact…..,,

If you wish to see a schedule of our meetings please visit ……..

Clayton R. Hicks

Monday, August 17, 2009

What TBN Cincinnati can offer.....

Good morning…..Folks tend to think about the worst in every business and everyone……Am I right? This past week, I was approached again about what TBN can offer them that they can’t get with other groups…..Now I can’t speak on behalf of other groups, but I do know what we can offer.

It is my belief that there really isn’t any competition to any of us, just belief that we all offer a little something different. TBN Cincinnati is not for everyone, but it can be for anyone…I receive emails and phone calls weekly about our group and what we offer so I wanted to put it out there. TBN Cincinnati is a business to business networking group here in Cincinnati and coming soon to other cities…

We offer multiple online social networking groups for members and non-members to interact…..,,

multiple meetings weekly so that you have plenty of opportunity……..

a directory and profiles for visitors to our site…….

Most of all though, we can’t be everything to everybody….networking can very intangible at timesyou may be networking with others, but unless you are trying to help others first, you may never see a referral. TBN Cincinnati does not believe in forced referrals or having to work with certain people in the groups or only having one person from an industry in the group. Our reasoning is this: you may not like or want to work with someone you don’t have a connection with. For example, you may specialize in something someone else doesn’t though you both are loan officers.

We like being diversified, we like the way we do things, we like our members, and our members like being around us. I think that is all that matters. So the next time you need to know a little more info about TBN Cincinnati, you can ask a member or a board member or just drop me a line somehow….one or all of us can explain.

Clayto R. Hicks
O - 866.945.4238
D - 937.671.6238

Monday, August 10, 2009

Did you go up to them first?

Good morning Cincinnati! Here at TBN we have been experiencing some issues with our networkers. They have been calling and emailing wondering what they could do first at these events….how could they maximize their networking… they could build more contacts… they could start to do more business….

Well, I have been answering by asking them this……did you go up to them and introduce yourself or did you hide in the corner behind someone you already knew? This question always gets ‘em. Here at TBN Cincinnati…we try and help all of our networkers. But isn’t that what we are supposed to do? Business to business networking in Cincinnati isn’t the easiest accomplishment……right? Networking in Cincinnati has its trials and tribulations……right? I don’t know, maybe…maybe not. This first step is valid in any city….any state….any event….

What is the first thing you do? Do you go and talk to someone you already know or go introduce yourself to someone NEW? The next time you wish to network with more people….the next time you want to increase your opportunity with your business…..the next time you want to build some partnerships here in Cincinnati….the next time you attend an event, it all starts with introducing yourself to as many people/networkers as possible.

If you wish to network with us online we have different groups on different sites for your ease. Go to our LinkedIn group at….. Go to our Meetup group at…. Go to our Facebook group at….. You can join any of these groups for FREE! You can visit our website and see the directory at and hope to see you at the Speed Networking event tomorrow evening. The link to extreme Networking…..

Clayton R. Hicks
O - 866.945.4238
D - 937-671-6238

Monday, August 3, 2009

TBN Speed Networking

Here is the link:

Have you been to this event yet? If you haven’t, you are missing something great that has been created right here in Cincinnati. We don’t have someone put it on for us, we put it on ourselves. At the last event we had 52 people in attendance and we are expecting a bigger crowd this time, due to how well the first one went.

Everyone who participated, got in front of 23 other, new, people. That’s an incredible stat for a new meeting. Now, we had people leaving and coming late, but the group continued on without fail.

You could feel the humidity in the air from the excitement, people were not ready to take a break when we did, and you could see the smiles from all the opportunity in the air! If you haven’t heard of this event, you will! If you haven’t been to the event you need to try! If you haven’t made very many connections this summer, you will if you join us on August 11, 2009! Go to the link above for the event information and see you next Tuesday!

Clayton R. Hicks
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D – 937.671.6238
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Meetup –
Facebook – Just type in Tri State Business Network