Tuesday, August 25, 2009

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Do you ever wonder why some are better networked? Do you ever wonder why some have more contacts than others? And most of all….Do you ever wonder how some do better in business than others? Read http://www.tbneducation.com to see the secret difference in why some networkers do better than others…..

Givers……..They are just givers. my father came over last night and told me that he had learned something from me…I became a little confused but listened anyway. He told me that he learned that his auto parts company needed to become givers. He has learned that in order for business to continue with or without him, he needed to “give” to his customers, first.

That really touched me because, maybe, just maybe….I am really starting to get under people’s skin about this whole “giving” thing. Here at TBN Cincinnati, a business to business networking group here in Cincinnati, our motto is this, “Focus on what you give and not on what you get”. It seems that it may be working. I have noticed that some of the members of our group are getting a lot of referrals (business) and some are not. Now there is a fine line between what you can offer your future clients and what they can offer you. Make sure you are the one that is offering and you will always be busy even in times such as this.

The next time you come to one of our meetings remember to go up and introduce yourself…..go up and shake someones’ hand…ask someone how they are doing…..and above all maybe ask “How can you help them?”. This way of thinking is the way that some stay busy..some get busy…and some never get slow.

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Clayton R. Hicks

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