Monday, August 3, 2009

TBN Speed Networking

Here is the link:

Have you been to this event yet? If you haven’t, you are missing something great that has been created right here in Cincinnati. We don’t have someone put it on for us, we put it on ourselves. At the last event we had 52 people in attendance and we are expecting a bigger crowd this time, due to how well the first one went.

Everyone who participated, got in front of 23 other, new, people. That’s an incredible stat for a new meeting. Now, we had people leaving and coming late, but the group continued on without fail.

You could feel the humidity in the air from the excitement, people were not ready to take a break when we did, and you could see the smiles from all the opportunity in the air! If you haven’t heard of this event, you will! If you haven’t been to the event you need to try! If you haven’t made very many connections this summer, you will if you join us on August 11, 2009! Go to the link above for the event information and see you next Tuesday!

Clayton R. Hicks
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D – 937.671.6238
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