Monday, July 27, 2009

Cincinnati Networking

How do you network Cincinnati? Do you attend one meeting per week or do you attend as many as you can? I do realize that you must work at your office or home to actually make money, but who said you have to only work 4o hours per week? I can’t remember the last time I only worked 40 hours. In this type of economy you must always push forward no matter what business you are in.

I do realize that how much you work does not always turn into dollars earned…today! Sometimes when you get out to a networking meeting, you may not do business with anyone for a while…….don’t be worried….you may do business with them later.

I have seen plenty of people come to a networking group once, twice, even three times to see what they can get out of the group……I have also heard people say they can’t join until they get some business from it……That mentality can potentially hold you back! TBN Cincinnati will always be for people that understand what is needed to succeed in networking. You must focus on what you give, not on what you get. With that focus TBN will always be around. We suggest you attend as many meetings as you can, if that means joining other groups beside TBN . We now have events monthly, so your Cincinnati Networking has changed from a weekly meeting with most other groups to daily so that you may enjoy the fruits of your networking labor. So again I ask, How do you network Cincinnati?

TBN has grown exponentially in the last 13 months – we have our website that has our directory of members, updates, and events. We have our social networking site for our members only to communicate with other members they don’t get to always see at the meetings. We have our FREE LinkedIn group that now has over 1500 local Cincinnatians networking. We have our Meetup group that is the place for events only. We have our blog so that networkers can subscribe to so that may get a little education on how to network. We also have the new jobs site up and running with a few jobs posted now.

Next time you wish to visit a networking group come visit with us at Tri State Business Network. Our site has a list of meetings so that you never miss an opportunity.

Clayton R. Hicks
O – 866.945.4238
D – 937.671.6238 for job seekers

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