Monday, July 6, 2009

Hunter or Farmer?

How are you business to business networking here in Cincinnati? Are you a hunter or a farmer? Do you even know the difference when networking? I will tell you the difference and you decide which you are.

Hunter……….Do you run into a meeting trying to take home dinner? Do you walk the room passing out cards looking to jump on the first prospect you can? You might this type, I don’t know…….But, sometimes just hunting one night will not help your cause. Do you hand out a bunch of cards in hopes that everyone will refer your business? That could be dangerous for your business.

Farmer………Do you know what a farmer does? A farmer plows the fields first…..then he plants a seed………then he waters the seeds………then he sees the fruits of his labor. So introduce ourself……….tell them who you are and what you are looking for………take your new business contact to coffee or lunch and find out what they do……..make some business happen.

Now, not everyone can be a farmer in the begininning but you can work your way up to farming. I see it all the time at our meetings when members give out their testimonials. Once the members have sat down and got to know each other, it becomes easier to refer business to each other, which then turns into ROI! The next time you visit one of our meetings come up and tap me on the shoulder, you never know how your business could change overnight or over a year. Take a look at our directory to see who is farming.

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