Monday, July 13, 2009

All about TBN

I wanted to take this time to discuss what TBN is all about. We are a business to business networking group started here in Cincinnati, OH. Some of you may not have heard about us yet and may need some more info before attending a meeting. In short, our LinkedIn group has almost 1500 members, our own social networking right now is for members only, and our Tuesday email blast goes out to over 5700 people. Our membership is up to 180, which we just had our 1 year anniversary.

We are looking this year to educate more, grow twice as much, and have monthly events. Our TBN Speed Networking event went fantastic in June so we are going to do it monthly starting August 11. We are having our quarterly TBN Happy Hour event tomorrow at O’Charley’s in Mason of which we are expecting over 80 people.

I realize that I listed info about TBN above, but that gets you up to speed on where we have been. Now, we are going to continue to grow and change for the better. Our membership is only $100 per year and pay out referral fees for future members. The money is a committment fee to the progress of the community. Our members focus on what they give not on what they get. So this committment fee tells all the other members your foundation of doing business. We continue to allow more opportunities to our members with over 35 potential meeetings you can attend monthly for the same membership fee. We have many groups online including: Meetup, LinkedIn, and Ning. We have our website which is the directory along with how we spotlight members when they are spotted doing great work to help others and help our new members get noticed. Our Meetup group: Our LinkedIn group: Our Ning group for Members only:

If you wish to join TBN or just come check us out at a meeting, you don’t have to RSVP just come on out. If you are in transition, you receive all benefits at no cost to you, so join us. If you just wish to join us at our events you can find them on our website or groups online. We are having our TBN Happy Hour July 14, 2009, at O’Charley’s in Mason. If you wish to get educated on Networking please feel free to subscribe to this feed.

Clayton R. Hicks
O – 866-945-4238
D – 937.671.6238

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