Monday, August 17, 2009

What TBN Cincinnati can offer.....

Good morning…..Folks tend to think about the worst in every business and everyone……Am I right? This past week, I was approached again about what TBN can offer them that they can’t get with other groups…..Now I can’t speak on behalf of other groups, but I do know what we can offer.

It is my belief that there really isn’t any competition to any of us, just belief that we all offer a little something different. TBN Cincinnati is not for everyone, but it can be for anyone…I receive emails and phone calls weekly about our group and what we offer so I wanted to put it out there. TBN Cincinnati is a business to business networking group here in Cincinnati and coming soon to other cities…

We offer multiple online social networking groups for members and non-members to interact…..,,

multiple meetings weekly so that you have plenty of opportunity……..

a directory and profiles for visitors to our site…….

Most of all though, we can’t be everything to everybody….networking can very intangible at timesyou may be networking with others, but unless you are trying to help others first, you may never see a referral. TBN Cincinnati does not believe in forced referrals or having to work with certain people in the groups or only having one person from an industry in the group. Our reasoning is this: you may not like or want to work with someone you don’t have a connection with. For example, you may specialize in something someone else doesn’t though you both are loan officers.

We like being diversified, we like the way we do things, we like our members, and our members like being around us. I think that is all that matters. So the next time you need to know a little more info about TBN Cincinnati, you can ask a member or a board member or just drop me a line somehow….one or all of us can explain.

Clayto R. Hicks
O - 866.945.4238
D - 937.671.6238

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