Monday, January 5, 2009

Transactional Funding! How can it help ME?

Transactional Funding and the products it represents are very powerful in this present day market. The uses of Transactional Funding vary depending on the type deals you are trying to close.

1. If you can't flip a wholesale deal without money, then Double Close Funding is your product.

2. If your borrower needs help closing the deal, but it has used up most of its capital paying for appraisals, engineering, etc., then Commercial Down Payment Assistance is you product.

3. If you borrower needs help with closing on their very first house and the seller is willing to aid the close, Residential Down Payment Assistance is the choice.

4. If your bank is asking for you to proof up that you can close, then Proof of Funds are for you.

5. If your bank is requiring that you verify your down funds or that you have funds at all, Verification of Deposit can help you.

6. If the bond you are trying to retrieve or the CMO you are trying to flip requires you lay cash in escrow for a time period, or the end lending needs you to keep a certain dollar amount in escrow in order for them to lend their money, you need Escrow Services.

With all these products available, we must tell you that it can sometimes be confusing on which product you may need. Give us a call to determine which Transactional Funding product you may need, today!

Good luck in the New Year!

Clayton R. Hicks
Desoco Financial Group

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