Monday, January 12, 2009

Some examples of Transactional Funding!

We wanted to bring some great information to those whose interest have peaked. Sometimes you must call to see if the deal you have, is something we can help you with. Transactional Funding has a few products that have been carved out for the most intriguing ways of getting deals closed. If you see one of the products that match your "for instance" let us know.

1. Do you pay for MT 760's or provide funding for transfer fees? Yes, our Escrow services can provide the difficult deals to ensure accuracy for your investments.

2. Does your Escrow services allow me leveraging ability? Absolutely, that is how it was designed.

3. Can we close on the first side of the double close even with seasoning issues? Yes, we can do this as long as the deal is in control for the second buyer and it can be closed in 3 days or less.

4. How large can you provide a soft POF? We can provide up to 1B in soft and in a hard Verification of Deposit. Now in order to supply such a POF or Verification of Deposit, you must be prepared to provide our 2-5 points at verification of our services. You must proof you have the funds for the fee before we provide such services.

5. How can I utilize your Down Payment Assistance for bank owned? That service is a little more creative, but you must be willing to listen and work through the paperwork. We can get it done but it must be an investment. Other than stated above, the seller must be willing to work with you.

We love and promote creativity to get deals done. Just remember everything we do is transparent.

"You bring the Imagination, we'll bring the Solution"
Clayton R. Hicks
Desoco Financial Group

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