Thursday, August 14, 2008

Would you work for 2000 dollars an hour?

Dear Taxpayer, (Kendra)

For the diligent, the IRS allows amended returns for three years. This gives people and businesses the opportunity to take advantage of those qualified and/or missed deductions and exclusions, as well as, establishing new tax patterns for the future.
AmCorp Management, Inc. is the nation’s leading tax recovery specialist. We have helped our clients recover over $700,000,000 and have been in the business for over 19 years. Our tax examiners are simply the best at what they do, they each have one specialty and that is where they focus their attention.
AmCorp Management, Inc. has created a strategic alliance with Universal Business Services and Steven Rosh, CPA to help you receive an unbiased second opinion of the last three open years of your tax returns at NO COST to you. The only time you would be required to pay a fee is if our team of specialists can find money due to you.
If we are unable to find funds then our service is free. Over seventy (70) percent of the time AmCorp Management does find money for the taxpayer. Kendra, could you use an extra 2000 dollars..? I know that I could!
We have found as a company, because of the complexity of the tax code, a second unbiased review is beneficial to the current or potential client that is why Universal Business Services and Steven Rosh, CPA would like for you to have second opinion.
The IRS states that there is over $6,000,000,000 left on the table every year by missed and excluded available deductions and exclusions. If you fall into any one or more of these situations there is a great probability that we can help you recover money.
We do have qualifying standards for a tax analysis.
Minimum $30,000 Adjusted Gross Income for 2 out of the last three years
Not currently being audited by the IRS
If you would like to find out more about this service please call Greg Fowler at 859-653-3638 or Steven Rosh, CPA at 859-586-7227.
The question is..? How much money would you get back? On average we recover 2000 to over 15,000 dollars for a personal tax recovery. Could you use that money? I know that I could.
Thanks for reading my blog and most important, for those that are an active part of TBN, you ALL have done a wonderful job! Thanks for the support!

All the best to everyone and their success!!!

Greg Fowler
Executive Strategist
AmCorp Management, Inc.

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