Friday, August 29, 2008

Never, Ever, Ever...Give UP!

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Hi to all TBN members! First, I would like to say that I have been accused of getting my ideas from others, i.e. like Winston Churchill, and I have to admit that I do. One of my favorites is Winston Churchill. I truly love to read about the man and how he was able to overcome the Germans during WWII. It truly inspires me and my business. I have a quote on my wall that I read every single day of my life "Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasism." Hmm...Clay Maybe I need to learn from the experts, but just to let you know I did it on purpose...the misspelling that it is..Here is why: Entrepenuers are not worried about the details, but getting business period! This is my great and positive plug for Clay...the greatest people in the world were never ever great at what they did, but were able to capitalize on the OPPORTUNITY! We all rag on each other about misspellings and the such, but to put together a wonderful organization, such as TBN, couldn't have happen without Clayton Hicks! My Kudos goes to him and all the members!

Now to what I would like to say....which I should have said today at the meeting...but I didn't want to take Clayton's....Spotlight? Back to Winston...I always like to quote one of my favorites, ole' Winston Churchill....I have learned a lot from reading about the man. (I have read many books.) As you may know, he was a great man, one that had childhood problems, made fun of, a lot of difficulties in life with people. However, I love to remind people that he gave a wonderful speech to a group of college graduates after WWII. While sitting at the speech that he was invited to, he sat very quite and listened intensively to the group of people, and didn't say a word, but just sat in his chair to listen. If you know anything about the man he listened intensively to those around him (probably one of the reasons he was a winner in the end), but to get to the point he had his turn to give his speech...and when it was his turn to come he didn't go to the podium, but sat up and said 'Never, ever, ever, ever, GIVE UP!' and sat back down and listened....and being Winston he watched the reaction to the people around him. My point being while working in business, ALL of us, (We) are the Winston Churchill's, we are the odd characters of the world, we are the stand out's that yell....what makes me different than my competitor?...but not all want to listen or take HEED!

Clay, My Kudos goes to you and the TBN Board and Members....

Whoever stands will succeed!

Call me if you have the gumption! I will make your business grow!

Greg Fowler

Executive Strategist

AmCorp Management, Inc.


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