Thursday, August 7, 2008

What Messages are You Sending?

We all spend countless hours debating the finer points of our logos, agonizing over the tag line for our latest direct mail piece, finding the perfect tie or piece of jewelry (or shoes) to complement the outfit we will wear to meet our next million dollar client.

Yet when was the last time you considered the impression your office makes on current or potential clients? When did you last paint the walls? Is the only art from your 6 year old? Or from one of your suppliers? Does your lobby and your office project an air of prosperity or of tightfisted desperation?

Does your office send a signal that you are keeping up with the times? Or is your furniture left over from a garage sale in the 1970s?

People want to work with successful businesses--if you're not sure your place of business reflects the image you work so hard to maintain in the rest of your professional life, call Designs Of The Interior. Mention this blog and we'll give you a free one-hour consultation for your business location or home office!

Judi at Designs Of The Interior

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Clayton R. Hicks said...

I have been to her showroom and seen her in action with her clients. They are number #1 to her. I witnessed how she focused on how she took care of each and every client that was in her store. Judi and her employees made sure they were being helped. I was in there for 10 minutes and I was not a distraction. In my opinion you should all give her an opportunity to show you her elegant showroom.