Monday, August 25, 2008


We realize there are many networking groups in the Greater Cincinnati area to choose from. One being ours. We have heard that we are just another social networking group, WE ARE, to a point. We do allow 5 minte commercials to members and 1 presenter for the last week of the month for general information.

We email to well over 3,000 people once per week. Last Tuesday when I sent the usual email out, we had an unusual 20% open rate within 12 hours. That is pretty impressive for a group that has only been around since April 8.

Now, I realize that not everyone understands how to blog on here, it took me a couple of tries before I got the hang of it. Just follow what it says to do is all I can really tell you, it isn't that difficult. Blogging is the new way of marketing yourself on the internet!

Rules for blogging:
1. Become a TBN Member, once I have your application with check in hand, I will send you and email to confirm you want to become an author.
2. Follow the steps it gives you to create an account
3. Start blogging, I would not suggest more than twice per week.

Happy Blogging and see you at the meetings
Clayton R. Hicks

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