Monday, August 18, 2008

The "Art" of Business

Have you ever seen the raw materials used by an artist? They don't look like much until the work has begun. Just like the artist, when you begin to create your own business model it figuratively resembles the globs of paint, undefined slab of clay or untouched block of stone. All the proper materials may be assembled and ready for you to create your 'masterpiece', but unless you are willing to "roll up your sleeves", your artistic vision will be forever locked within those raw components. Only when you truly begin to commit effort to the project will your creation begin to take shape.

During the course of developing your work of art, the project is certain to take on a different appearance than originally thought. That is quite natural and is to be expected. Whether by accident (a slip of the chisel) or by intent (a different vision of the final product), it has happened to virtually all of the masters.

The bottom line is that, a painting does not apply the strokes to the canvas, a statue does not carve its own shape and the clay cannot mold itself. As with art and in business, your finished work will be determined in a large part to the effort applied to it by you. Your masterpiece is yet to be defined by the skillful hands that guide it. What it will represent to the world is an exciting challenge that faces every artist.

To the unveiling of your success.
Greg Fowler
AmCorp Executive Strategist

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