Monday, August 11, 2008


Did you know 50% of a Direct Mail Marketing campaign's success comes directly from its list?

Even with an enticing great offer and greatest creative, if you don't have a winning list or database, your promotion won't generate the ROI anywhere near what it should.

Avoid the biggest mistakes in mailings. A campaign is not a singular action; it's a sustained effort over time. The biggest peril in mailings is not mailing the well-qualified buyer who has expressed an interest after your first send-out. If the sale isn't made in the first follow-up phone call, don't assume your campaign has failed. Drop mail to them a second time with harder-hitting additional marketing materials or sales letters.

Track and sustain every lead. Work with an service provider who can help you every step of the way with your marketing efforts.

Call me if you would like mre information at the number below. Relevant Works is a ONE STOP source for all your Print, Direct Mail and Marketing needs!

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