Tuesday, September 2, 2008

To Err is Human--To Be Uneducated Is A Crime

Greg is right—we all make occasional errors when we’re doing something in writing. The crime comes in when we didn’t learn the right way from the beginning. Many people forget their English skills from middle school and elementary; after all, for most of us, it was a long time ago. But now there is an option. You can learn the right way of writing simply by taking a seminar from Executive Communication Strategies (www.ecsforbusiness.com). Clayton got tired of the badgering he was getting for his mistakes on the blog, so he will be taking our seminar this week. I can’t guarantee that he will be writing error free blogs, but I will guarantee that he will be educated with the knowledge of good writing skills.

But how many of you make mistakes in your everyday business documents? Research shows that people who are on the receiving end of those mistakes think less of the person making mistakes (believe it nor not, there was an actual study done on this). Can you afford to lose business because of your errors in business documents? We never will know how much money is lost because of careless writing errors. Everyone is quick to point out errors when it comes to dollars and cents, but few will point out errors when it comes to grammar and spelling. Bite the bullet and learn how much you don’t know simply by taking the writing seminar we offer. We can schedule it at your convenience. We all make the occasional error—Executive Communication Strategies doesn’t promise error free. What we do promise is to educate you in the right way to write. Time and careful consideration of your writing will make you error free.

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