Sunday, September 21, 2008

No Risk Strategies for ALL businesses!

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Does is seem your business is making less than you expect? Would it surprise you to find out that predator industries are bilking billions of dollars a year from businesses just like yours? Ask yourself, could it be me and my business?

Predatory industries and corporations are stripping billions of dollars a year from small businesses in overcharges by erroneous and flawed systematic billing that cost us over $250 BILLION DOLLARS a year in excessive expenses.

Who is overcharging you?

AmCorp Management recently uncovered a billing scheme for a merchant service account by a huge (won’t mention the name, but they are publicly traded) company providing these services. On paper they were supposedly charged 1.25% for Credit Card Processing. When AmCorp’s Examiners dug a little deeper, the actual charge was 3.5%! Amazing, isn’t it? Even the CEO told me, “Ah, I’m getting the greatest deal around” and I told him, “If your getting the greatest deal around, then we will find nothing, plus you will know for sure.” He is no longer a doubter of our services, but a believer. A HUGE believer, because this was very clever when the company was able to make it SEEM like they were getting the best DEAL around! Still amazing, isn’t it?

So who may be bilking thousands of dollars out of your business? Who are the predator industries? There are many areas to look:·

The State of the Lease; Yes you can be overcharged in your lease payments·

Utility Mongers; Need I say more?·

Telecommunication Giants; everyone has a cell phone bill, can you understand it?·

Taxes; Wow, your biggest expense of all! A taxing situation..?·

Workers’ Compensation; One of the highest paid state employees in OH is the head of Workers’ Compensation. Interesting isn’t?·

The Freightening Cost of Shipping; Ignoring shipping agreements costs billions!·

Merchant Services (Credit Card Processing); this is so complex to even explain!·

Property Tax Shuffle; how much more are going to spend on your property?

"Either these service providers are knowingly or unknowingly over billing their customers, one thing is certain, the money is there & waiting to be collected."

There is no risk to your business.
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