Sunday, September 14, 2008

Manufacturing/Exporting businesses over pay Taxes $110 BILLION in 2007!

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Updated statistics reveal BILLIONS of dollars in OVERPAID Taxes from U.S. Exporting and Manufacturing businesses. Newly developed framework RECOVERS Hundreds of Thousands for business owners and companies.

The Wall Street Journal: “…this would encourage R&D and Capital Investment,…it works out to a savings of over $110 BILLION on corporate America’s tax.”

Exporting and Manufacturing Businesses across the U.S. are MISSING out on the Government Tax Credits that are embedded in complex regulations, they either are not aware they exist or are only slightly aware of them and only use a fraction of what’s available.

AmCorp Management’s national recognition has utilized TOP industry specialists to create Risk Free SOLUTIONS for Private, Medium, to Large size businesses involved in Manufacturing and/or Exporting. Our team of tax experts headed by former KPMG and Deloitte executives has developed a strategic Tax Recovery framework that can put thousands right back into your operating capital.

Would it surprise you to know that the Government now holds over $110,000,000,000 (BILLION) dollars in overpaid taxes from U.S. Manufacturing and Exporting Businesses alone?

If you own a business with over 15 million in revenue; how much of that money do you think is yours?

We have recovered almost three quarter of a BILLION dollars for qualified clients with our Risk Free feasibility study in such areas as the E.I.E. – IC-DISC – R&D – R&E and other Tax Credit Programs. Have you heard of them?

Call me immediately to find out more; you could lose money that rightfully belongs to your business. Have you already heard of the tax credits and you believe you may be taking advantage of them? All of our qualified clients thought so too. And all receive hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Ninety (yes 90%) of Exporting & Manufacturing businesses only take advantage of a fraction of these credits due to the complexity of the Tax Code. AmCorp Management believes you should pay only your obligation and no more.

We manage a 100% success rate with our qualified clients by our Feasibility Study. Average REFUNDS are $200,000 to more than $11,000,000 dollars. In fact, we are so confident we can create a CASH WINDFALL for your business we invest our money just to earn the opportunity for your business.

With a 100% SUCCESS RATE and over 10,000 tax clients Nationwide, doesn’t it make sense to take advantage of our Risk Free Feasibility Study to ensure you are taking advantage of all possible deductions and credits? Go to for more info.

Real Solutions for Real Businesses

The time is to act now.

Call me Toll Free at (888) 702-0994. The 04 tax review is gone forever. Do not take the chance to miss thousands for a review of 2005!
Greg Fowler
AmCorp Executive Consultant

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