Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How can YOU use Transactional Funding?

Transactional Funding can be used in various ways.

1. Commercial Down Payment Assistance - This is being wildly used to cover the difference the banking system is leaving off, which we have mostly seen about 25%.

2. Residential Down Payment Assistance - This product can be sensitive. We have a certain structured way that this has to be done.

3. Escrow of Funds - Escrowing of funds is becoming overwhelmingly popular. The banks are wanting you to have "skin" in the game for nearly everything. We can provide up to 50 MM in escrow per month if we can control escrow, up to 10 MM per month in a third party escrow.

4. Proof of Funds - We can provide 2 different stages of POF, hard and soft

5. Verification of Desposit - This process usually helps wholesalers/investors recieve tapes of properties

6. Double Close Funding - Wholesalers have the ability to follow all the rules that the state governments have put into place when trying to "flip" propertiesAll the products that we offer have some stipulations. The client must make sure that we can place the money in escrow or come to closing with the money. We do not provide money directly to the client's bank account. Exit strategy is the most important, no credit checks.

Unless it is an escrow agreement, we will always want our money back at closing!

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