Wednesday, December 10, 2008

For Immediate Release, AmCorp Management, Inc.


Greg Fowler
Regional Director
AmCorp Management, Inc.

700 Million Dollar Milestone

AmCorp Management, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of MANSYSCA Corporation, announced today that they have reached a new milestone in business expense recovery and independent business development.

AmCorp is the nation's leading and most successful expense recovery firm. Their main focus is to recover some of the $250,000,000,000 (Billion) that is unknowingly taken every year from unsuspecting businesses and its owners.

AmCorp Management's desire was not only to establish itself as the most effective and successful expense recovery firm in the industry, but as one of the most valuable opportunities available in business, said Darren Oliver, President and CEO of AmCorp Management, Inc.

AmCorp has built a hybrid business model that puts us light years ahead of anyone in the industry. Our success is undeniable and it would be unattainable without our national consulting team of Business Strategists, said Warren Rose, VP of Business Development.

For two years in a row AmCorp Management has been picked as the #1 business in America by, because of their training, systems and their risk vs. reward analysis.

Darryl Oliver, VP of Operations said Our independent representatives are the ones developing our client base and helping us build our team, they are the ones that reached this new milestone, without them we are just another company, AmCorp Management has one of the most developed and streamlined training and marketing systems in existence, and their specialized team of Independent Regional Directors and Business Strategists are responsible for this new achievement.

As their examiner team grows so does AmCorp Management's results. Collectively with our examiner teams we have found and recovered over $700 million dollars for our clients. There is not another company that we know of that can make this claim. We are pushing to reach 1 Billion dollars in recoveries and savings for our client's over the next two years. said Darren Oliver.
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