Monday, July 28, 2008

212 Degrees

212 degrees. That number is a very imprtant one. I realize that most people are going to look at this in a different manner once this has been explained.

Tri-State Business Network is very important to all of us. Tri-State Business Networking group needs to put the heat on its members. What I mean by this, is this:

Come to the meetings, build relationships, build up a referral business, and focus on what you give, not on what you get, and Success will be YOURS!

At 212 degrees water boils, at 211 it does not. How are you running your business? Are you running it at 211 or 212 degrees?

Can you imagine that a 1 degree makes a huge difference in your cash flow and non cash flow. How many of you out there at a degree below the rest?

If you are at 211 degrees, you are falling behind. I realize that you may say, "I am doing my best to find more business, but it is not coming my way, yet."

Keep GIVING, keep PUSHING, keep all of this going right HERE right NOW, push YOUR energy level to the next level. But, you must increase the heat by 1 degree, RIGHT NOW!


Clayton R. Hicks

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