Sunday, October 12, 2008

What are the benefits of TBN?

In our uncertain times all us of are taking a serious look at what benefits and what doesn't benefit our business. There are so many networking meetings to attend that most of us, including myself, get "paralysis by analysis" and we have no idea what to attend. One thing is for certain…there is a growing group of people who MUST change directions because of the current economic debacle.

I am going to use myself as an example of what TBN has done for me…I’m not going to give some song and dance…but the truth. I know that there are some that haven’t gotten anything from TBN…so have I! I haven’t gotten anything directly from TBN, but I have made great relationships and received business indirectly. A few months ago I took two months of my time to go out and help others…what would be called “net weaving” not “networking. As a result, I have received wonderful benefits from TBN because it works. I gotten more business from those outside of TBN, but I would have never met them without the meetings.

Some get disappointed when they meet five people…that is fine and your opinion….but what about the market? I believe that it the true benefit from TBN, developing your market! Not your sale. Did you know that you can sell and not make the sale, but get sales from their market? I’m not interested in making one sale and not interested in one client, but their market. That, my folks, is the greatest benefit from TBN. I’m not saying that it is the best networking event on the planet, but I am saying that you can find what you are looking for at TBN. Most important, not only do you have to develop YOUR market, but you have to develop the markets of others to succeed. As I may quote Steve Rosh, CPA, “No one has ever become a millionaire by themselves.”

Now you are really wondering what is up with all the links? Guess what folks..? I learned it from someone in TBN and the importance of your market and your presence on the web! I'll give you a little here to find out!
All the best to you and your success!
Greg Fowler
Executive Consultant
AmCorp Management, Inc.

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